Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Super Bowl Party Food Line-up!

I like football.  (Especially if I'm watching my sons play!)  But I've never gotten into the hype of the Super Bowl.  Please don't hate!  What I do love though is the food at a Super Bowl Party!

We rarely watch the Super Bowl unless my honey's team is in it (not this year...he's a Steelers fan!), but even if we don't watch it...we still have a Super Bowl Party with our family.  Sometimes we'll put in a movie to watch together or we'll play board games.  But no matter what we do...we always have awesome food!

So if you're in need of some wonderful foods for a Super Bowl Party...look no further!  The football crazies in our home would love to see these foods at their Super Bowl Party.  (Which means most men will love everything on here...but so will you women!:))  These recipes are a TOUCHDOWN!! (sorry, couldn't help myself!) 

Super Bowl Party Food



Main Dish:

(this is just the put it on toasted buns with melted cheese...SO GOOD!)

or you could try some Soup:

Anyone else have some killer recipes that would be great for this weekend?  If so, please share the link (if there is one) in the comments and let us know what you've got planned!


Frosty the Sno Shack said...

I made the double bacon cheeseburger dip (I think it's pinned on my pinterest page). SO GOOD!

Jana said...

That sounds fabulous Jolyn...I'll have to find it and "pin" it as well!!

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