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Growing up one of my favorite things to do was be in the kitchen.  Whether it was cooking, baking, eating, enjoying time with family or friends it was always the place to be!!  I attribute all my cooking knowledge to my Mom who helped me learn how to cook from a young age.  I remember a few summers where she would set up a "cooking day" and we'd be in the kitchen once a week learning a new recipe. 

My beautiful Mother (and Dad!):)

It has been an invaluable tool for me these last 17 years of being out of my parent's home...throughout college & most importantly throughout my marriage and becoming a Mom myself!  I'm sure my cooking has saved us a TON of money throughout the years...it's always cheaper and better (in my opinion...except the clean-up part!!:)) to have a home cooked meal.

I remember when I was in College my older brother Jared once said to me, "Jana, all you have to do is cook for some guy and he'll be yours!"  Well...I landed Tony (my hubby of 14 years) with a plate of cookies!!:)  I'm glad for pushy roommates who made me do it! (Thanks Becky!!)  I'm not usually that forward, but I later found out that Tony was already interested and just didn't know where I stood and the batch of cookies was the perfect indication for him!  We were married about 10 months later.  What a roller coaster ride it has been!!

And 10 months after we were married we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl!  (See what I mean about a roller coaster)!  She has grown up to be a wonderful young lady (can't believe I'm saying that...she should still be 6 years old...wait...that's how old my baby is!!  AGGGHHHHH!!)  Kyla is a wonderful big sister to her 3 younger brothers, Caleb-12, Eli-10, and Rhett-6.  She is becoming a wonderful cook and can pretty much handle any recipe that is thrown at her!  During the school year she's pretty busy with extra curricular activities and homework, so we don't get to cook/bake together as often as we'd like, but we intend to fix that during the summers!  We're going to pack as many things into the summer times as possible!  Kyla is very creative.  She loves drawing and creation cards, charts, banners, you name it!  She also likes playing the piano and is imporving by leaps and bounds!  She plays basketball and softball and is running cross country.  And of course she loves to cook and bake!

We love sharing our recipes with you and spending this time together in the kitchen!  Thanks so much for stopping by and we hope you enjoy trying some of our recipes!

The Family

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