Friday, February 10, 2012

Chocolate Covered PB Sandwich Cookies (with other Valentine Ideas)

These are so easy I don't know if you can officially call it a recipe, but we absolutely love them here at my house and they make a really cute and fun Valentine's treat, so I figured I'd share them anyway!

Chocolate Covered PB Sandwich Cookies
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Ritz Crackers
Creamy Peanut Butter
Chocolate (or Vanilla) flavored Almond Bark

Spread PB on one side of ritz cracker and place another ritz on top to make a sandwich. (see how easy!)  Place on wax paper.  Melt Almond Bark and coat each sandwich and place back on wax paper.  Decorate with sprinkles of your choice!  Let chocolate harden and then they are ready to eat!

Can also coat in Vanilla Almond Bark

So easy, yet so delicious! (our motto!:))

Also, in case anyone is interested:
My kiddo's absolutely love this tradition we started 4 or 5 years ago.  They get so excited to make these and take them to their teacher!  A good old classic Candy Bar Card.  I let them write it (so it's not perfect, which kind of bothers me, but it's more personal for their teacher's and they love doing it's OK!:)) and glue on their candy.  This year Eli decided he wanted to make a little puzzle for his teacher.  He put heart stickers all over it and told his teacher she had to find all 8 of them!:)  Such a fun kid!

Here's the words just in case you can't read the picture:
Dear (Teacher),
The "Reisen" for this card is to wish you a "Happy Valentine's Day" (Box of chocolates or something else that says Happy Valentine's Day on it).  You are great and "skor" a perfect 10 as a teacher.  I'd like to give you an "extra" "Payday" or "100 grand" for all you do.  I know you are "good and plenty" busy with "mounds" of work, but both "now and later" you are a "lifesaver" as you "dove" (in the past I've been able to find Dove candy bars, but this year they were no where to be found, so we ended up buying a package of small dove chocolate and they say "dove" on them so it worked out!) in to help me out of any "crunch" I may be in.  You're helping me to not be an "airhead" (alternate that we've used is "you're helping me to become a "smartie").  I could search the universe including a "starburst" (can also use Mars bars, but we couldn't find those this year either) and the "milky way" and would never find a teacher better than you!  Thank you!
"hugs" (Student name)

And, this we started a couple of years ago with my hubby's class (he teaches 2nd grade).  We wanted to find something different and special that he could give his class and we saw this idea (sorry...I have no idea where) and loved it!  His students have loved it...they think it's pretty silly!:)  We just attach the card to bag of candy with some Valentine garland and it's ready to go!

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