Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas!

I had a request for ideas for Christmas gifts this year so I went a lookin'!! I've found some great many in fact I don't know which one I want to use there are too many good ideas!! Check out these links...I'm so glad there are creative people in the world that I can copy!!!!:)

Here are some ideas from The Dating Diva's. They have some pretty cute ideas...Here's 2 that I really liked!
Nut Rocha!

A "Souper" Christmas!

If you have lots of time and a bunch of cute little jars that you don't mind giving away...this looks absolutely DIVINE! Or maybe you could just give a few of these away to a few "special" friends, and eat a whole bunch yourself!:) This one comes from one of my favorite blogs...Our Best Bites

Here's another post from Our Best Bites...they have a ton of ideas on this post...scroll through all of them...she has some really great ones towards the end like:
Double Chocolate Waffle Mix

and Garlic Bread Seasoning

Here's some more wonderful ideas from another one of my favorite blogs...Your Homebased Mom. Here's a few of my favorite ideas from her site:
Cookies and Cream Bark

Cinnamon Toast White Chocolate Pretzels

Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce in a jar (with or without ice cream!)

And then last but not least, here are a few ideas from ME!!:)

One year I gave breadsticks and cheese dip to everyone I know!:) It was a pretty easy one to do...just make a big batch of breadsticks and cheese dip and divide them up and put in cute little containers. It was a big hit...and I got a lot of requests for the recipes! Here's the link (and a picture!)

Or how about some cookies...very easy and you can make the packaging really cute with some ribbon or whatever! Here is a link to all the cookies I have favorites for this time of year would be:

Breads are always a crowd pleaser too...and not to mention pretty easy and not very expensive...all musts for me!!!:)

or the fabulous Almond Poppyseed Bread

Which idea is your favorite? Or is there another favorite you like that I don't know about?


jolyn said...

Great ideas, thank you!

Jana said...

No was fun and it gave me a few ideas of my own!:)

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