Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pumpkin Dump Cake

I'm so excited to let all my wonderful readers know that I am now a regular contributor over at Or So She Says! 

I get to feature a recipe over there every 2nd Friday of each month!  (Except today...as you remember I had computer issues and wasn't able to get the post there in time, so it's up today...but from here on out if will be Friday's!:))  Yeah!  I love Mariel & her blog & am so happy I get to be a part of it!
Today to celebrate fall, I'm sharing a wonderful Pumpkin Dump Cake...

Head over to Or So She Says & say hi and get this wonderful recipe!

1 comment:

Cath Brookes said...

these are lovely! you are getting more and more innovative with your raw desserts and i am loving them!

russel of IT Consultant Dallas

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