Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Barbie Birthday Cake

I made this cake for a neighbor & I had so much fun!!  It's been a while since I was able to make something cute with pinks & purples!   Kyla's been out of that stage since about age 5...she never was a big pink lover anyway (gasp!).

There's really no recipe for this cake.  I just used a regular vanilla cake mix & a vanilla buttercream recipe for the frosting.

I used a small star tip for the dress.  And although your hand will be in agony by the time you're done with all those stars, it really isn't hard or too time consuming!

Here's a few steps that I used in making this cake that might be helpful to someone else.

I "crumb coated" the cake first.  It's just a thin layer of frosting to cover the cake.  It will help keep any crumbs from falling away from the cake and getting into your final layer which will keep it looking good.  It's also great to help you design whatever it is you're doing with the cake.  Just use a toothpick and "draw" your design into the cake so you can follow it when you start frosting.
Now just work your way around the cake with the stars.  They need to be pretty close together, and try not to put them in lines, but just sporadic...it'll look better trust me! 
For the body, you just frost right over the body of the barbie.  Then you just embellish however you would like.  We created a necklace & added some candy flowers and pearls. 
Turned out pretty cute & was a joy to make!!

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