Monday, June 6, 2011

Strawberry Cranberry Lime Soda

We enjoyed one of our favorite meals for dinner Sunday night.  Sweet Pork Burritos & Salad!!  (Honestly...if you have not tried this yet...YOU MUST!!!  The sweet pork is to die for...the lime/cilantro rice is killer...and the tomatillo dressing...WOW!!  Not kidding here!)  Anyway, it totally hit the it always does!:) 

 But, we wanted something fun to drink with it so I went looking for what we had on hand & found some great items for what turned out to be a really yummy, refreshing drink that was the perfect compliment for our burritos!

Strawberry Cranberry Lime Soda
2 liter of Cranberry Sierra Mist (how many depends on how many people you're serving)
Frozen sliced strawberries in sweetened syrup (I make my own, but I believe you can get it at the store as well), slightly need to be able to break them up to put in individual glasses
Limes, some quartered & some sliced

Grab as many glasses as you need.  Put 1/2 cup ice & 1/2 cup frozen strawberries and 1 quarter of a lime in the bottom of each glass.  Pour the soda until each cup is filled.  Place a sliced lime on the rim of each glass & add a straw! 


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