Friday, April 1, 2011

Conference weekend means getting filled (both spiritually & physically!!):)

We LOVE General Conference here at our home!  Not only for the wonderful speakers who edify us but for the time we're able to spend together as a family and for the wonderful food we get to partake of!! 

Our favorite thing to do that helps the kiddo's (ages 11, 10, 8, & almost 4) is we have them make a list of 10 words that they think will be talked about during each session of conference and then every time they hear that word they make a tally mark next to the word.  This really makes them listen because they don't want to miss any of their words!!  At the end of each session we'll then add up the tally marks and whoever has the most wins a prize (usually little things found at the dollar store!).  I made these clipboards about a year ago for the kiddo's to use for this activity!  Here's where I got the idea from and just tweaked it a littleAnd here's the full post with pictures of all the kids with their clipboards.

We've also used Bingo Sheets which the kids really liked when they were younger (we'll still have Rhett...the almost 4 year the bingo since he can't read or write yet!)

And last but not is the menu for this weekend!! 
(We eat breakfast during the morning sessions and lunch/dinner during the second session.  Then the kids will just snack on leftovers that evening if they are still hungry.)

Saturday Morning Session:  Breakfast burritos (scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese, sour cream, hot sauce or salsa), banana's and grapes.

Saturday Afternoon Session:  Navajo Taco's made with scones, & Dream-sickle Jello.

Sunday Morning Session:  Biscuits & gravy, scarmbled eggs, & hash browns.

Sunday Afternoon Session:  Southwest Eggrolls (recipe to be posted after I make them!!:)), breadsticks and cheese dip, and cream cheese, sausage and rotel dip with chips (recipe to come as well!), and some fruit.

Hope you all have a fabulous Conference weekend!! 

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