Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Crock Pot Pork or Beef Roast

I have a recipe for a 24 hour Italian Beef that we absolutely LOVE. (I'll be sharing that recipe eventually!:)) But this sunday I had a pork roast and I figured it would be just as good as the beef, but when I went to make it I didn't have one of the ingredients so I had to find a substitute. Sometimes that doesn't work out, but this time it did. The roast was so yummy and tender!

Crock Pot Pork or Beef Roast
(photo is of a pork roast)
1 (3-5 pound) pork roast
2 cups water
1 package onion soup mix
1 package Italian dressing mix

Mix together the water, onion soup mix, and dressing mix. Pour over the roast in your crock pot. Cook on high for about 6-7 hours. Break up the roast and then continue to cook it for about another hour. Serve!!

I think I cooked a 5 pounder on Sunday and so we had a lot of leftovers! So yesterday I made some of THESE ENCHILADA'S with the leftover meat. The pork was so good in these!!

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