Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Soups for the sickly!:)

Since I've been sick (I'm feeling so much better...thank you!) I haven't been cooking. If there is anyone else out there who's not feeling well or has family that isn't feeling well...this post is for you! There's something about warm soups that just make you feel so much better! Here are some of my favorites that are sure to warm the cold right out of you!

The yummiest Taco Soup

And delicious Clam Chowder (I apparently deleted the photo cause it was so bad...but trust me when I say, the soup is delicious!!)

Enjoy some soups...hope to be back to cooking and posting more recipes by next week!


-Susan- said...

Jana your soups are calling my name. Just made a stew last night. Think I will try one of yours next. Yum!

Molly said...

I don't know who brought this junk to school me and the boys are still sick. That soup looks so good right now.

Jana said...

Molly...the school is just a big germ fest right now!! Hope it's better this week and that you and your boys are getting better!!

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