Friday, November 19, 2010

More Cookies!

We've had a kindof crisis over here at the homestead (water leak...floors torn up...mold:(...removing of water heater/furnace...replacing subflooring...NIGHTMARE!!), so I haven't had much time for cooking. Matter of fact tonight for dinner we had noodles with ground beef and tomato sauce and grilled cheese sandwiches! I am ashamed...ok not too much. Sometimes grilled cheese just hits the spot!:) Anyway, since we're giving away a cookie scoop on Tuesday I figured I'd give you some recipes that I've found for cookies. They all look absolutely delicious and I can't wait to try them all (or try again in some cases!) Enjoy looking through and let me know if you try or have tried one or all :) of them and what you think.
Chocolate Peppermint Cookies from My Kitchen CafeAnything peppermint and chocolate just look so pretty and so good!! You wouldn't be able to use the cookie scoop for this one, but isn't it pretty and festive?
Rolo Cookies by Mennonite Girls Can CookI've actually tried a rolo cookie recipe that didn't quite turn out, but it wasn't this one. Rolo's are one of my favorites and so I'm going to have to try these and hope they turn out better! And I believe you'd be able to use the cookie scoop here.
I also LOVE anything orange. If these taste anything like a dreamsicle I'll be hooked!
When I first saw these a few months ago they intrigued me. I'm still intrigued but have yet to try them, but I will soon....PROMISE!!
OK...I have a love/hate relationship with these cookies. My friend Brittony introduced my to these cookies and even brought me some to try (she is THE BEST cookie maker ever-and everything else as well:)!!) Tony loved them and so I tried them and they were a total bust! The peanut butter end was too stiff and didn't really cook and the chocolate half was flat as a pancake...not too pretty, but they were SO dang good I'm going to have to keep trying until I get it right. (Some of the problem might have been that one of my sons (who I will not name:)) put some kind of white powder substance (I'm guessing either baking soda or baking powder or corn starch:)) in my flour bin and since I'm cheap I decided to use it anyway and see how it would come out...MISTAKE!!:))
These look INCREDIBLE!! The only thing better than a warm cookie straight out of the oven would be one with vanilla ice cream on top! This is not your traditional cookie, but I'm going to have to try these!
Gingersnaps also remind me of this time of year, and I'm a big fan of ginger! These look like some soft gingersnaps which is a MUST! The cookie scoop would be perfect for these too! Can't wait to try them!!

I'm going to be posting another one of my favorite cookies tomorrow...ANDES MINT COOKIES...YUMMY!

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Amanda said...

The pazookies are awesome. We had them one night for FHE and it was a huge hit. i can't wait for the andes mint cookies I love andes mints!!

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