Sunday, November 28, 2010

A family tradition!

We have, I believe, one of the BEST family traditions for Thanksgiving! You know how you eat and eat and eat such good food as turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls, and whatever other sides everyone decides to contribute on Thanksgiving? Well, if you're like our family, we stuff ourselves until we're ready to give up the ghost! Then because we ate like there's no tomorrow we rarely have room for pie (although most of us eat it anyway!:)). So someone in my family, can't remember who...heard this tradition from can't remember who either...and we all LOVED it. So...drum roll please...our tradition that started probably close to 10 years ago is ...


Doesn't the title just send shivers up your spine? So instead of eating pie on Thanksgiving day we have a Thankful for Pie Night on Wednesday instead. That way we're not stuffed with turkey and can enjoy the pie more and eat more pie!!:)

Here's the spread from this year
There were 8 different kinds of pies, a cheesecake, and a pumpkin roll. We might need to re-name it because some of the family doesn't like pie and so we add in just a few desserts as well...but nobody seems to complain!:)

We had Pumpkin pie, coconut cream pie, lemon meringue, razzleberry, apple, peanut butter and chocolate cream pie, pumpkin praline, and key lime pie...along with the pumpkin cheesecake and the pumpkin roll!

I'm excited to get recipes from everyone and be able to share them all with you and you can try them out next Thanksgiving or give them a try now...I think pie shouldn't just be a Thanksgiving Day's too good for that!:)

So...we'll see you tomorrow with a recipe for one of the pies I made. As my hubby always say...I'll give you a hint. It starts with a peanut and ends with a butter and chocolate cream pie!!:)

And I gotta was a WINNER!!

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Sheans said...

I think that is the best idea. I could eat pie morning, noon, and night though.

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