Saturday, July 2, 2011

4th of July Ideas!

We LOVE the 4th of July...such a great time to cook & eat & celebrate!!  It's also Tony (the hubby's) BIRTHDAY!!  So we get to celebrate with a birthday party as well!!:)  Cute side-note...when Tony was little he thought everyone was celebrating his birthday...from the parade to the fireworks!!  He's also a bicentennial baby...July 4, 1976...don't know if he'll appreciate me sharing that with you, but it is just so COOL!!:) 

Anyway, we've found some awesome ideas online that we would like to share with you...
These Firecracker Cupcakes are really cute!!  And cupcakes are pleasers & pretty easy to make!
These DIY Paper Snack Bowls look really fun to make!!
These 4th of July Strawberries are super cute if only I had time for all of this fun stuff!!:)
This fruited Cheesecake Flag not only looks pretty...IT'S CHEESECAKE!!!:)  That's all you need to say for me!
I just LOVE all that red, white, & blue!!!

Here's what I'm making for Tony's Birthday Cake...I know it's not a traditional cake, but he's a cheesecake lover too...and cheesecake has cake in the title so it's ok...right???!!!:)

(I'll post the recipe after I make it and let you know what I think!)

Hope everyone has a wonderful July 4th Weekend!!  So proud to be an American and to live in this free, beautiful country that we have!  Prayers and thanks go out to all those who have fought and are fighting to keep it that way!  USA ROCKS!!:)


Scavenger Hunt said...

Love all of those ideas. It sounds like you will have one amazing time! If you do make that cake, please post how it turned out!

Jana said...

Made the was Fabulous!!! Posted it here:

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